Explainer videos plus live action video -the best of both worlds

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Explainer videos are a highly effective way to communicate  the top level sell points of a product or service.  They’re most effective in explaining complex processes and software.  But one of the criticisms of an animated explainer video has been the lack of heart and individuality. An animation is entertaining…

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wordpress cms works for all size companies

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A CMS (content management system) website has become an essential tool in a company’s ongoing marketing initiatives.  Google feeds off and promotes companies and URL’s that upload a nonstop supply of quality content.   Because of the enormous popularity of WordPress CMS sites by both small business and large corporations alike, and…

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Jeff Goldblum brings a unique quirk to any brand – Creative Excellence Fridays

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As we prepare for the onslaught of holiday ads, the new crop of commercials from Jeff Goldblum are a welcome treat. Jeff Goldblum is quirky.  Offbeat.  He can stare into  a camera lens and wink and you’re along for the ride. That’s a unique quality that Madison Ave relishes.  The consumer…

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Streaming radio stations – everything you need to know

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Since I first opened a live microphone and squawked out a pubescent peep in 1980, a lot has changed in the radio industry. Radio still exists. But it’s a far cry from  the screeching  sounds radios made when tuning up and down the analog dial.  Today we’re surrounded by digital ninjas. First there was XM & Sirius Satellite…

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