Jeff Goldblum brings a unique quirk to any brand – Creative Excellence Fridays

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As we prepare for the onslaught of holiday ads, the new crop of commercials from Jeff Goldblum are a welcome treat. Jeff Goldblum is quirky.  Offbeat.  He can stare into  a camera lens and wink and you’re along for the ride. That’s a unique quality that Madison Ave relishes.  The consumer…

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Streaming radio stations – everything you need to know

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Since I first opened a live microphone and squawked out a pubescent peep in 1980, a lot has changed in the radio industry. Radio still exists. But it’s a far cry from  the screeching  sounds radios made when tuning up and down the analog dial.  Today we’re surrounded by digital ninjas. First there was XM & Sirius Satellite…

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Madmen look back

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For my money, Madmen is one of the greatest dramas to ever rear its head on television.  Unlike Seinfeld, which was “a show about nothing”, this was a show about well thought out characters who took their various dysfunctional backstories and made their way through an industry known for putting…

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