Facebook will be just fine

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To say that Facebook is in a wee bit of a trouble this week is an understatement.   Facebook was unknowingly complicit in data harvesting with Cambridge Analytica.  Is this serious? You bet your broadband it is. Will this be the end of Facebook?  Definitely not. Let’s recap what happened.  Cambridge Analytica built an app that knew…

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Explainer videos plus live action video -the best of both worlds

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Explainer videos are a highly effective way to communicate  the top level sell points of a product or service.  They’re most effective in explaining complex processes and software.  But one of the criticisms of an animated explainer video has been the lack of heart and individuality. An animation is entertaining…

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wordpress cms works for all size companies

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A CMS (content management system) website has become an essential tool in a company’s ongoing marketing initiatives.  Google feeds off and promotes companies and URL’s that upload a nonstop supply of quality content.   Because of the enormous popularity of WordPress CMS sites by both small business and large corporations alike, and…

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Are you ready for the Google Mobile era?

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Is your website mobile?  If you’re not sure what that even means, here are a few other cranium cranking phrases.  Responsive and adaptive.  However you want to look at it, starting April 21, Google will officially begin their love affair with mobile friendly websites. The announcement on their website is as follows:…

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