May 19th, 2016

Is there such a thing as a good bot?

Tandem Banks

Tandem banks viral video

Yesterday I took part in a webinar from Centro. Part of the discussion talked about “good bots”…technology robots that aim to please.  I’m not sure a robot exists that will ever take the place of human interaction; especially after 4 minutes of cat and mouse with one of those audio multiple choice conversations with the bank.  It’s extremely frustrating speaking slowly and clearly so the bot understands your question.  But when your request doesn’t fit into the choices, you can almost smell the smoke coming through the phone.

Here’s a funny video produced by Britain’s Tandem Banks that makes a strong case for more human interaction.


Technology can be a beautiful thing. Microsoft is making great strides in their AI (artificial intelligence) but it’s really a shame that the consumer (the customer) has to be real time guinea pig as it all rolls out.

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