Video Services

Located minutes from downtown in the film district in red hot Riverdale, our historic loft studio provides everything needed for a full video/audio production. From script to screen or anything in between.

Pre Production


We look at your overall marketing and get to know a bit about your business personality. Then we make suggestions on creative direction. Once we hit on an idea you're sympatico with, we move on to the writing stage.


In today's online world, we write scripts based on attention span, not broadcast time restrictions. Once we have a story that feels right, we write a script that allows for different options. We always take native video environments into account. Writing for served up media (broadcast) is different than selective media (social).


The storyboard needs to make your vision clear. Otherwise it's just words on paper. We help you see where the commercial will be going so you know in much more specific terms what the finished video will look like.

Art Direction

We make sure your video adhere's to your existing brand identity. Your colour palette, fonts, spacing, over all look are all mirrored in your video for a brand consistency. If you aren't happy with your current look, we can create a fresh brand and share the identity guide with you. That way you can extend that brand guide across all your visual platforms from responsive web to social banner design.



We shoot in 4K and HD and can accomodate everything from a single camera person gathering up footage to a full, bells and whistles crew. It all depends on budget and what's required to bring the commercial home with the right footage.


A strong director is like a quarter back. The director keeps the team organized, inspires, and gets all the elements necessary to tell the story the way it was intended. We plan our shoots thoroughly with contingencies so the shoot goes as smoothly as possible, and on budget.

Post Production


We subscribe to the cloud version of the full Adobe suite which means all the latest codecs and effects are at your disposal. After Effects, Premiere, SpeedGrade and more give you a plethora of creative options. And it enables us to work flawlessly with assets provided by other studios. Apple's Logic syncs perfectly for ADR and conventional sound mixing.

Animating - 2D / 3D

2D animation can often look 3D with today's post software. But when 3D is required, we use the most common industry standards. Our digital animators use Maya, 3DStudio, 4D Cinema and more to build the models and provide the compositing that takes your production to the next level.


Agencies often hire us to custom tag existing creative, market by market. We'll cast and record the announcer tag, art direct and animate the retailer logo placements, create Closed Captioning, provide Telecaster clearance, offer approval links, and than upload to the broadcast digital distribution supplier of your choice. We're a one stop direct response tagging solution.

Voice Booth Audio Session and Direction

Our client friendly record room offers a comfortable environment to cast or direct audio sessions for radio and video audio. We can also host remote sessions through SoundConnect or Skype and post the finished product for you. 30 years of audio and broadcast experience gives us a unique perspective on talent resources and creative direction.


Digital Marketing

Need a digital marketing plan? We'll work with your existing digital marketing agency to compliment their expertise with ours, or we'll provide you with a complete digital blueprint. This includes AdWords, YouTube Marketing, Programmatic buying, Responsive mobile friendly landing pages and websites all embedded with tracking code so you can measure your success from day one.