Produce It

With geo-targeted campaigns you can reach your prospects by neighbourhood. The power of video. The analytical efficiency of local search marketing. With your free creative call, we’ll help you determine which video type(s) below will help you achieve your sales & over all objectives.

Types of Videos

Introduction Video

A general video that introduces you and your business. Suitable for any social sharing platform including Linkedin, Youtube channel, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram or as an email embed.

Online Commercial

General Theme – A 30 or 60 second commercial featuring the main benefits of your business/service. It can also be considered an introduction video.

Offer Theme (with time sensitive call to action) – A limited time offer delivered in a direct response format.

Explainer Video

An animated or live action video suitable for businesses that have a great idea but need to quickly explain the major benefits and why their product is the best choice, or in some cases the only choice. It also is an alternate style of presenting an introduction video.

How-To Video Series

You have a product and want to explain how it works. This is hugely beneficial for products that have innovate or useful features where an actual demonstration is the best way to demonstrate them.  This is great for sales videos or for after-sales as an added benefit to customers and a time saver for in-store support staff.  It’s also key for online sales and support.

Testimonial Series

A video shoot featuring satisfied clients/customers in a Q&A setting. Nothing speaks volumes to potential customers as loudly as seeing bonified, existing video proof of a job well done.

Video Blog Series

This is an ongoing creation of videos hosted by you or a host we help you cast to speak on camera. Videos will cover  issues your customer base has, inform, educate and create video material of a general interest to your current and future customers. They’re necessary for your content marketing strategy  for inbound and brand building positioning. And  the videos have enormous organic search benefits for SEO.